Praise for Changing the Mind of the Organization (Due Q414)

"With his new book Chris Martlew offers delightful insights into the need for change, the nature of change, and the effects of change. For anyone who tries to lead an agile organization into an uncertain and dynamic future, the topics covered by this book are required reading.”

Jurgen Appelo, author of Management 3.0 and CEO of Happy Melly


"Chris brings impressive wisdom and simplicity to the complex task of business leadership. The book is captivating…you will be able to apply and connect all of the concepts to your own leadership challenges. Brilliant!“ 

Itzik Amiel,  best selling Author of Attention Switch, Founder of Power Networking Academy, Founder & CEO, EyeRon Group


Praise for Leadership Recharged!

"A refreshingly original take on the leadership adventure."

Manfred F.R. Kets de Vries, Author & Distinguished Clinical Professor of Leadership Development and Organizational Change, INSEAD


"A clear, comprehensive and practical guide to business leadership. This book is of interest to entrepreneurial leaders and covers all relevant aspects of leadership from strategy to corporate culture. The book is a pleasure to read and radiates throughout that good businesses are fun places to work."

Dr Maria Brouwer 

Professor of Industrial Organization ‚Ä®University of Amsterdam


"Brilliant! A no-nonsense reality check for today's managers in getting to grips with the challenges of modern business... Leadership Recharged! is a must."

Michael Tobin OBE

CEO Telecity plc


"Left-brained logic, right-brained intuition with a dash of spirituality – this book is packed with great news for business leaders. It is an excellent source of ideas and inspiration. Chris Martlew is, without doubt, a real talent in this field. If you're a business leader, read this book, now."

Robert Benninga,  

Author, Trainer, Coach & Founder of Mindpower International


"This book provides an excellent agenda for business leaders. The popular studies of major corporations are interesting – but Chris Martlew's approach is relevant across all types of organizations. The key value of Leadership Recharged! is its realistic and entrepreneurial approach to business, providing an agenda that can be implemented directly."

Esa Tihila

CEO & President Basware Corporation


"A fresh and innovative look at modern organizations.  With elegance and conciseness, Chris Martlew offers a new perspective on the issue, and provides a practical guide for anyone involved in business leadership."

Dr. David M. Walker

Lecturer and Author, University of Newcastle





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